Tiny Love Pack & Go Mini Mobile Review

My little princess tolerates the car seat. Thankfully she usually falls asleep after awhile. But when she is awake, the Tiny Love Pack & Go Mini Mobile has been entertaining her. It easily clips onto the car seat handle and doesn’t move around. The mini mobile has fun features. It has a ball which rattles, a star with a mirror & silky strings hanging down, and a plastic curl with 3 rings on it. In the middle is a bell which makes noise and it has ribbons hanging down on the bottom. The mobile is colorful and has different designs on the mobile wings. There is a black and white zebra design on the one side of the star and on the underside of the one mobile wing. The black and white design is great for young babies. The mobile hangs low enough so that my baby can grab it. She likes to shake it so it makes noise. She also likes to chew on the silky strings and the plastic curl. The mobile is easy to throw in the diaper bag since the wings fold onto each other. Tiny Love Pack & Go Mini Mobile is a nice portable mobile for the car seat.

Tiny Love Pack & Go Mini Mobile can be purchased on their website, Toys R Us, Amazon
Tiny Love

Funky Monkey Snacks Review & Giveaway

Our household needs more healthy snacks. I was glad when I got the chance to try Funky Monkey Snacks, which are freeze dried organic fruit. Each 1oz. bag contains 3 servings of fruit. They are vegan, kosher, GMO-free, and gluten free. I tried five of their freeze dried organic fruit bags. The Bananamon are bananas covered in cinnamon and Applemon are apples covered in cinnamon. I liked that they were covered in cinnamon so I could really taste the cinnamon flavor. The Jivealime is pineapples with lime juice which I really liked since it was tangy. Carnival Mix has bananas, pineapple, apple and papaya. Purple Funk is banana and acai. The freeze dried fruit is light and crunchy. We enjoyed each bag and each was full of flavor. The snacks make eating organic fruit easy and convenient. They are easy to pack and eat on the go. Funky Monkey Snacks make a great healthy flavorful snack.

Funky Monkey Snacks

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Nuby Sound Bite Spoon Review

My little princess is not a fan of food. She turns her head and tries to hit your hand away. We are lucky if we can get her to eat a few spoonfuls of food a day. But I don’t mind since I’m giving her the best nutrition possible and food before one is just for fun so we don’t push it. I came across the Nuby Sound Bite Spoon and was intrigued. The spoons actually make noise. They come in three designs: train, plane and cars. I was excited to try out the Nuby Sound Bite Spoon on my little one. I received the pink and purple car which comes with two spoons. The car has a button on the back that you press and it makes car noises. The car also snaps off so you can put the spoon in the dishwasher. I like that the soft tip spoon is deep so food doesn’t spill as easy. My little one was definitely interested in the spoon and  kept trying to grab it. The spoon distracted her so she wasn’t constantly trying to turn her head away. She still doesn’t like food but at least the spoon helps to keep her attention.

Nuby Sound Bite Spoons can be purchased online at Best Baby Gear.

That’s It. Fruit Bars Review & Giveaway

I love fruit, but it can be hard to have time to eat it. That’s It fruit bars make eating fruit easy and convenient. The bars are healthy and they don’t contain preservatives. The only ingredients in the bars are GMO-free fruit. Each bar is 100 calories and contains two servings of fruit.They have a low glycemic index and contain 3g of fiber. They are vegan, kosher and gluten free. There are four flavors: apples + cherries, apples + apricots, apples + pears, and apples + mangoes. Every flavor tastes good and tastes just like the fruits. The bars are a good healthy snack. That’s It fruit bars are easy to pack and eat on the go.

That’s It.

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YumEarth Gummy Bears Review & Giveaway

Looking for candy without all the junk?

YumEarth is an organic candy company. Their candy doesn’t contain any high fructose corn syrup or artificial dyes. It is also great for people with food allergies since their products do not contain gluten, peanuts or tree nuts. I recently had the opportunity to try YumEarth Gummy Bears. The gummy bear flavors are pomegranate pucker, sour apple tart, and strawberry smash. They are made with organic fruit juices so they do not contain any artificial flavors or colors. My family enjoyed the gummy bears. The flavors tasted good and we liked that they were chewy. The gummy bears are also a lot healthier than other candy so it is great to give to kids without them knowing that its better for them. The gummy bears are fat-free and each snack pack contains less than 70 calories. The snack packs are easy to take with you as a snack or treat.


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Nuby Flip Flop Teether Book Review & Giveaway

My little princess is teething. Her teeth always seem to come in two at a time which makes her a little cranky. Teething toys are great for her to chew on to help with the discomfort. The Nuby Flip Flop Teether Book has been entertaining her. The teether book is a soft zebra which its body opens into a little book with crinkle pages. The head has a squeaker in it and its hair is textured fabric. It has two teether feet and two crinkle feet. My little one loves things that crinkle and that have different textures. She likes to shake it by holding the zebra’s tail and chew on the teether feet. The Nuby Flip Flop Teether Book has been a nice help with teething.

The Nuby Flip Flop Teether Book can be purchased online from BuyBabyDirect, Baby Bungalow, and Amazon.

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Cake Lingerie Nursing Bra Review

Cake Lingerie empowers women with luxurious, fashion forward maternity and nursing lingerie.

Cake Lingerie brings you delicious fabrics and indulgent details that give you a taste of your individual self. Within the practical world of pregnancy and breastfeeding we find the feminine in you. Although you may be a mother, here you are a woman first. Going strong since 2008, Cake Lingerie embodies its sophisticated new look. Strong but subtle, sensual yet familiar & indulgent yet practical! The cherry on the cake: We are proud winners of the prestigious 2011 UK Maternity Brand of the Year Award, for premium luxury and fit perfection.

I exclusively nurse my little one so nursing bras are a must for me. I was happy when I had the opportunity to try Cake Lingerie. Cake Lingerie offers bras, panties, tanks, camisoles and nightwear for pregnant & nursing women. I tried their Dark Toffee Convertible Nursing Bra and I actually felt like I was wearing a real bra for the first time in a long time. It has contoured cups with convertible bra straps. The black bra has a soft modal floral print lining. The bra is pretty and feminine. It fits great and is comfortable. The cups are also easy to roll down for nursing. I really like that it comes in larger sizes. It is available in band sizes 32-38 and cup sizes B-H. Cup sizes B-D are wire free. Sizes E-H has a flexible wire for more support. Cake Lingerie bras are not only pretty but practical too.

Cake Lingerie

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Boylan Soda Review & Giveaway

Boylan has been making sodas in small batches since 1891 from home grown recipes, using pure cane sugar and the highest quality ingredients.

I have always loved soda. So I was glad when I had the chance to try Boylan sodas. Boylan makes their soda in small batches using real ingredients since 1891. We received a variety pack of some of their sodas. The flavors were Birch Beer, Creamy Red Birch Beer, Root Beer, Black Cherry, Ginger Ale, and Creme. Each soda is 12 ounces and comes in a thick glass bottle. Their soda contains pure cane sugar and natural flavors so it doesn’t have an artificial taste like most sodas. We enjoyed each of the flavors. My husband’s favorite was the Black Cherry. I had a hard time deciding which one I liked the best. I think my favorite was the Creme soda since I used to drink red creme soda when I was a kid. Boylan makes great tasting, quality soda.

Boylan Bottling

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