Nuby Sound Bite Spoon Review

My little princess is not a fan of food. She turns her head and tries to hit your hand away. We are lucky if we can get her to eat a few spoonfuls of food a day. But I don’t mind since I’m giving her the best nutrition possible and food before one is just for fun so we don’t push it. I came across the Nuby Sound Bite Spoon and was intrigued. The spoons actually make noise. They come in three designs: train, plane and cars. I was excited to try out the Nuby Sound Bite Spoon on my little one. I received the pink and purple car which comes with two spoons. The car has a button on the back that you press and it makes car noises. The car also snaps off so you can put the spoon in the dishwasher. I like that the soft tip spoon is deep so food doesn’t spill as easy. My little one was definitely interested in the spoon and  kept trying to grab it. The spoon distracted her so she wasn’t constantly trying to turn her head away. She still doesn’t like food but at least the spoon helps to keep her attention.

Nuby Sound Bite Spoons can be purchased online at Best Baby Gear.

Nuby Flip Flop Teether Book Review & Giveaway

My little princess is teething. Her teeth always seem to come in two at a time which makes her a little cranky. Teething toys are great for her to chew on to help with the discomfort. The Nuby Flip Flop Teether Book has been entertaining her. The teether book is a soft zebra which its body opens into a little book with crinkle pages. The head has a squeaker in it and its hair is textured fabric. It has two teether feet and two crinkle feet. My little one loves things that crinkle and that have different textures. She likes to shake it by holding the zebra’s tail and chew on the teether feet. The Nuby Flip Flop Teether Book has been a nice help with teething.

The Nuby Flip Flop Teether Book can be purchased online from BuyBabyDirect, Baby Bungalow, and Amazon.

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Nuby Grooming Set Review

I am thrilled to be a Nuby Mommy Blogger. Nuby is one of the leading baby and infant feeding brands. They are known for their feeding products. But they also make breastfeeding items, bottles, pacifiers, toys, teethers, potty seats, and more. They even have a Natural Touch line that has BPA-free products. I will be featuring lots of great Nuby products so you will see all the many things they offer.

One of my first items is the Nuby Grooming Set. The grooming set comes with a brush and comb. My set has purple textured handles which are comfortable. On the back of the brush is a cute mouse design. I actually tested them out on my face first to see how they felt. The brush has soft nylon bristles and the comb has tiny round balls on the ends so its gentle. My little one’s hair is a few inches long and these worked great on her hair. They were soft on her head and made her hair look nice. I even caught my husband using them on his own hair. The Nuby Grooming Set is a nice set which also comes in different colors.

The Nuby Brush and Comb Set can be purchased on Amazon.
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