Good Cook Covered Cake Pan Flash Giveaway

I love to cook so I am thrilled to have partnered with Good Cook. Good Cook produces kitchen tools, cookware, and bakeware at reasonable prices. They also have a fun treasure hunt happening right now where you have to find 115 codes to enter to win over $1000 in Good Cook Touch prizes.

Good Cook is generously giving away a Nonstick Covered 9×13 Cake Pan in a 48 hour flash giveaway! I know I always need more nice pans and cake pans are so versatile. You can make cakes, fudge, brownies and more.

Good Cook is also offering a coupon code for 25% off, use code CAKEPAN. Expires May 3,2013.

Check out my Peanut Butter Chip Brownies.


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 Winner is Marie.

Tommy Nelson Cocka Doodle Doo The Right Thing DVD Review

Respect is a very important value to teach children. Tommy Nelson’s Cocka Doodle Doo The Right Thing DVD will help children learn about respect and responsibility. Farmer Bob invites a guest to dinner so all the animals try to clean up and get ready but things don’t go as planned. The DVD teaches how to be responsible and help out. It also teaches to treat people with respect and to not judge based on looks. Cocka Doodle Doo The Right Thing DVD has a great message and children will enjoy the silly animals.


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Tommy Nelson I Will Tell the Truth DVD Review

I always enjoy shows that have a lesson behind them. Tommy Nelson’s I Will Tell the Truth and Be Careful What I Say DVD obviously demonstrates two lessons. The DVD has two Hermie & Friends episodes which teaches Christian values. The first episode is Flo the Lyin’ Fly. It reminded me of the boy who cried wolf story. Flo tells stories that aren’t true and all the other bugs stop believing her. When she actually needs real help, no one believes her. She then realizes what her lying has done and learns her lesson. The second episode is The Flo Show Creates a Buzz. Flo decides to create a talk show. She is more interested in having a good rating than thinking about her guests’ feelings. She then realizes what she did and that she needs to apologize. She learns how important watching what you say and saying I’m sorry is. We enjoyed the DVD and the lessons it taught. It is also a great conversation starter to help teach your kids. Tommy Nelson’s I Will Tell the Truth and Be Careful What I Say DVD is a nice wholesome DVD.

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PackIt Lunch Bag Review

My husband packs a lunch for work. I always used the ice packs in his lunch bag to keep it cold, but by the time he gets home they are already melted and the inside of the bag is wet. The PackIt Lunch Bag has solved that problem. It has a freezable gel liner that stays cold for up to 10 hours. It is pvc free, lead free, non toxic, and reusable. The lunch bag folds so it easily fits into the freezer. We just have to take it out of the freezer and its ready to be packed with food. The lunch bag is a nice size and it easily fits my husband’s lunch. The PackIt Lunch Bag stays cold until my husband comes home and there is no wet mess to clean up. I just unpack the lunch bag and put it back into the freezer so its ready for the next time. The PackIt Lunch Bag is great for keeping lunches cold.


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Winner is Alishia.

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The Protein Bakery Review

I have a sweet tooth so I of course love brownies and cookies. The Protein Bakery makes yummy brownies, blondies and cookies that are full of protein. Protein helps build muscle, prevents blood sugar spikes, and makes you feel full. Their products are also high in fiber, low in gluten, trans fat free, preservative free, and wheat flour free. The Protein Bakery bakes in small batches from scratch everyday so their products are fresh.  I received an assortment of their brownies, blondies, and cookies to try. The box was nicely packed with tissue paper and everything was individually sealed in plastic. Some of my favorite items were the mint brownie, chocolate chip brownie, peanut butter brownie and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. The brownies were large. The mini brownies were a nice size and great for a snack. The cookies were thick and snack size.  Everything was fresh and tasted good. The box didn’t last long in our house. The Protein Bakery items would be a nice gift for anyone, especially someone who works out who loves protein.


Enter to win an assortment of 10 mini brownies/blondies and 2 ginger cookie 2-packs!

Winner is K.

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Nuby Tickle Toes Review

Nuby Tickle Toes animals aren’t just stuffed animals. When you squeeze the foot, they start giggling. There are different Tickle Toes animals to choose from. I choose the duck. It is adorable and soft. My little one likes to grab at the beak and try to bite it. She also smiles when it starts laughing. The Tickle Toes is a safe soft toy for any child.

You can purchase the Nuby Tickle Toes from Kmart, BuyBabyDirect, Cookie’s Kids,, and Amazon.

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Winner is Amanda.

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Mama’s Got a Brand New Baby Giveaway Hop

Ends 05/08. Open to US. Enter to win a Daddy Bag O’ Books! [Read more...]

YouCopia Classic SpiceStack Review


I had my spice bottles in the little cabinet above the oven which was hard trying to find which spice I needed. The YouCopia Classic SpiceStack has made it a lot easier. The SpiceStack holds 24 full size bottles or 48 half size bottles plus it comes with labels. I was able to fit all my spice bottles in it. The second row of each drawer is longer which even fit my jumbo bottles. The SpiceStack comes fully assembled so I just had to sit it in the cabinet. Each of the three drawers pull out and tilt down so I can easily see and grab my spices. The bottom of the SpiceStack has non-skid feet so I don’t have to worry about it moving. The YouCopia Classic SpiceStack has made my cabinet neat and organized.


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Winner is Susan B.

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