Effortless Cleaning with the iRobot Roomba

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As a mom with a toddler and large dog, it’s amazing how fast the floors in our house get dirty. Plus my husband doesn’t help when he is bringing in dirt from the garage or outside. I usually had to get out the upright vacuum cleaner several times a week if not more. Just trying to keep the floors clean was definitely a chore. When I received the opportunity to review the iRobot Roomba 870, I was beyond thrilled!

If you don’t know what the iRobot Roomba 870 is, it is a self-propelled robot vacuum cleaner. The 870 is their most powerful vacuuming system yet that delivers 5x the suction and removes up to 50% more dirt, dust, hair and debris. Its XLife™ Extended Life Battery even provides double the battery cycles. The Roomba also comes with a docking station, 2 virtual wall barriers with batteries and an extra HEPA filter.

All the controls are available on top of the Roomba unit. In the center is the Power/Clean button which turns the vacuum on. When on, the four small button labels light up: dock, clock, schedule and spot. In scheduling mode, the time and days will be displayed above the Clean button. There are also notification lights that may display on top of the unit: battery, dirt detect, anti-tangle, troubleshooting and full bin. When the full bin light comes on, you can access the bin release button on the top side of the Roomba.

Since the top of the Roomba has everything you need, you never really need to access the bottom of the unit. You don’t even have to worry about cleaning brushes since the tangle-free AeroForce™ Extractors are virtually maintenance free.

I love how easy the iRobot Roomba is to use. I just need to press Clean, or schedule it to automatically clean at a certain day/time. When the Roomba is cleaning, I can’t help but to watch. It is amazing how it navigates through the house and cleans every spot. It can even pass under curtains and skirts with its Light-Touch Bumper technology. Then in areas where it senses dirt or debris, The Dirt Detect Series 2 technology will focus extra cleaning power on those areas. I especially love that it has a slim design which can fit under some of our furniture. I used to have to pull out our upright vacuum’s wand to clean under our bed or the anchored furniture in my daughter’s room. But now I won’t ever have to do that again!

My whole house is hard floors and it usually takes the Roomba about 1 1/2 hours to clean everything. After cleaning, it will even dock itself to recharge. The Roomba truly makes cleaning effortless. I am excited to not have to physically vacuum as much. I will just have to use my upright once a week for heavy duty rug cleaning or getting under certain things. The iRobot Roomba is going to save me a bunch of time and my floors will be cleaned on a more frequent basis.


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  1. I have owned several models of the iRobot Roomba, including the Dirt Dog. I “WAS” a loyal roomba user. Then one day my husband bought me a refurbished Neato XV-11. WOW, is all I can say. I ran the Neato over a room that I had just cleaned with the roomba and had to empty the Neato’s dust bin 2 times! I could not believe all of the dust, debri and cat hair hidden that the Roomba didnt get! In my humble opinion, the difference is that Roomba is a great “sweeper”, but lacks the suction power to be an actual “vacuum”, whereas the Neato sounds like a mini airplane… you can HEAR the suction… it sounds more like an upright vacuum. Just thought I should share my experience so your readers can youtube and research for themselves.

    • Thanks for sharing! I have never heard of the Neato vacuum before. We have all hard floors in our house with just a few area rugs. It did do a good job cleaning the area rugs but I will still have to use my upright vacuum every week to get a deeper clean with the suction power.

  2. Great review- I want one!!!!!

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