Farm Themed Birthday Party Supplies from Birthday Express

My daughter loves farm animals so we choose to have a farm themed birthday party. I decided to have the party at our house which was our first time hosting a party ever! It turned out to be a lot work getting the house ready and deep cleaning the whole house beforehand. I also made all the food from scratch by myself. Needless to say, I was scrambling to get decorations finished by the time people starting arriving.

Thankfully Birthday Express supplied almost all of our decorations. They have a great selection of farm themed party supplies to choose from. For decoration, I hung their barnyard ribbon flag banner and used red tablecloths on the tables with a farm animal themed centerpiece. The table settings were adorable! I had farm animal themed plates, napkins and cups. I used metal buckets to display the yellow plastic ware (shovels & pitchforks). I also put Cow Tales candy in a couple of the buckets. For dessert, I made my Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes with John Deere tractor picks and Mud Puddles with candy pigs (chocolate pudding brownie bowls). The party was a big success and everyone loved the farm themed decorations.


Barnyard 2nd Birthday Invitations 



Barnyard Ribbon Flag Banner 

Sticky Tack Value Pack

Barnyard 2nd Birthday Centerpiece

Metal Bucket - hold plastic ware and Cow Tales candy

Red Bandana


White Heavy Duty Rectangular Plastic Tray

White 10″ x 14″ Rectangular Plastic Tray


Cow Beverage Napkins 

Forks & Spoons - Yellow - “pitchforks” and “shovels”

Barnyard 9 oz. Cups

Barnyard Napkins

Barnyard Dessert Plates 

Barnyard 2nd Birthday Dinner Plates 

Barnyard Tumbler - My child’s birthday cup


Plastic 9 oz. Tumbler Glasses - I was going to use these for dirt cake but already had enough dessert. I did use these in my Sand Cake recipe.

John Deere Tractor Cupcake Wrappers and Picks - My cupcakes were too small for the wrappers so I just used the tractor picks.

Red #2 Molded Candle

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  1. that grea idea and then when kid are getting bigger they are having better partys

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