Tiny Love Pack & Go Mini Mobile Review

My little princess tolerates the car seat. Thankfully she usually falls asleep after awhile. But when she is awake, the Tiny Love Pack & Go Mini Mobile has been entertaining her. It easily clips onto the car seat handle and doesn’t move around. The mini mobile has fun features. It has a ball which rattles, a star with a mirror & silky strings hanging down, and a plastic curl with 3 rings on it. In the middle is a bell which makes noise and it has ribbons hanging down on the bottom. The mobile is colorful and has different designs on the mobile wings. There is a black and white zebra design on the one side of the star and on the underside of the one mobile wing. The black and white design is great for young babies. The mobile hangs low enough so that my baby can grab it. She likes to shake it so it makes noise. She also likes to chew on the silky strings and the plastic curl. The mobile is easy to throw in the diaper bag since the wings fold onto each other. Tiny Love Pack & Go Mini Mobile is a nice portable mobile for the car seat.

Tiny Love Pack & Go Mini Mobile can be purchased on their website, Toys R Us, Amazon
Tiny Love


  1. Kathy Smith says:

    My little grandson has a little mobile but he is being tyrant riding in the car. This mini mobile sounds like it might get his attention better. Thanks for review.

  2. Laura Smith says:

    This is so cute any baby would love the bright colors

  3. this is cute!