Teach My Baby Learning Kit Review

Teach My, award winning all-in-one learning kits for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Teach My kits provide everything necessary for learning the basics, all in a portable and storable case. 

I was thrilled when I received the opportunity to review the Teach My Baby Learning Kit. I have been wanting one and even had it on my baby shower registry. Teach My Baby is an all-in-one learning kit for babies 6 months to 18 months. The kit includes a teaching guide which contains 10 steps to success and how to use each part of the kit. It also recommends to spend 10 to 20 minutes a day using the Teach My Baby Learning Kit with your baby. The kit is divided into four sections: first words, first numbers, self. and touch & feel. Each section has coordinating pieces and is contained in its own bag so it stays organized. The first words section has a board book and 12 one piece puzzles. The board book has 12 pages of pictures with the word underneath each one. The puzzles have the same pictures. Each puzzle is a flat board that a piece fits into. Each piece’s picture matches the picture in the space on the board. It is nice for teaching what each word is for and learning matching. The first numbers section has a board book, storyboard, and finger puppets. The finger puppets help with learning to count to five. The self section has a board book, flash cards, and nesting blocks. The flash cards have a picture of a part of the face and a mirror on the back so you can see the part on your own face. The nesting blocks also have a mirror on one side with pictures of parts of the face on the other sides. I like that it teaches self-awareness and facial features. The sound and touch section has a board book, touch and feel flash cards, and 2 piece puzzles. This section will be the favorite with babies. It teaches what sounds certain animals make and the flash cards have different textures to feel of the different animals. The kit teaches by using repetition and matching. Each part of the kit is useful and has a specific purpose. Teach My Baby Learning Kit is a great teaching tool for babies.

Teach My products can be purchased on their website and on many online retailers (Amazon, Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, Diapers.com…)
Teach My Website

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  1. this is nice and will be perfect for my preschooler soon

  2. Juliana RW says:

    WOW… this is awesome to teach my toddler at home 😀 thanks for sharing in here.

  3. Tracey @ Dont Mess with Mama says:

    This looks really interesting. My son is almost 16 months and I’m looking at educational activities for him.

  4. I bought Teach My Toddler for my son for Christmas because of the great blog reviews I have read. We just started with it but it seems great.

  5. I have the Teach My Preschooler kit and we love it - these kits are fantastic and have everything you need to teach and have fun at the same time!

  6. Great Review. Looks like something my nephew would like..

  7. Katie Hale says:

    This is totally new to me! Wish I had known of this a few years ago. Looks like a great tool for :)

  8. Leila Kennedy says:

    I totally want one of these kits for my youngest! He refused preschool this year, but has to start Kindergarten in the fall so I’m collecting things to start working with him now and through the summer to prep him!

  9. jenny at dapperhouse says:

    This really makes it easy to play with your child in a meaningful way…many parents are not sure how to relate to a tiny child and this giveas them the opportunity to do well as parents! LOVE IT!

  10. Birbitt Thinks says:

    That really is convenient, I love that it’s all in one kit for parents who like/need that kind of kit. :)

  11. We used something like this in the daycare I worked at, it was a lot of fun.

  12. Ruth Reynolds says:

    i would like to have this to teach my two year old new stuff i like it.

  13. This is a great kit to get a toddler ready for pre school.

  14. Definitely something I’d love to use to help my daughter learn!

  15. Cami Valenzuela says:

    I would love this for my boys! Anything to teach them :-)

  16. kathy smith says:

    This is a great kit. I will have to get one for my grandson when he is a little bit older. Thanks for review.

  17. Ashley Nolan says:

    This is a nice learning kit, would help with teaching your child and making it fun at the same time!

  18. Debra Kay Neiman says:

    After reading your review I went to Amazon and ordered the “Teach My Preschooler” set for my granddaughter who will be 4 in 6 months.

  19. Ashley Nolan says:

    This is a good review, I’ll be sure to check the set out!

  20. My son needs learning kit,I just buy,I hope somebody will be kind enough to gift me like this company.

  21. Sandy Cain says:

    This looks SO terrific - I wish I’d had this when my daughter was a baby!

  22. For another version of child learning that will ensure that your child will be reading by the age of two visit http://www.teachmybaby.weebly.com

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