Baby Shower Giveaway

Ends 02/15

Being a new mom is one of the most wonderful things in the world! But it can also be VERY stressful. There isn’t a book or all knowing person who can tell you what is right and what isn’t when it comes to raising a baby. You will get all kinds of unsolicited advice about how to feed, cloth, and even play with your new bundle of joy. You’ll learn really fast how to just smile and nod and say thank you. One of the perks of a new baby is the baby shower! You get all kinds of fun things for the baby. That leads me back to all the extra stress. What do you ask for? What should be on your registry? Well I don’t have ALL the answers but some wonderful bloggers and I would like to help you out the best we can by bringing you some of the great products out there!\

21 Prizes for new Moms!

Our wonderful sponsors!
Boba Wrap: Boba Wrap
Carseat Canopy: The whole caboodle
Baby Ota: Baby Ota
Baby Keba: Cute little turtal outfit 100% organic
Itzbeen: 2 itzbeen pocket nannys
Rocking green: full size product winner’s choice of scent/formula
Glowbug Diapers: Diaper print of winners choice
Smart Mom Jewelry: Teething Bling
Baby Anti Monkey Butt: Paste and Powder
Baby Cargo: Series 100 stroller
Planet Wise: Wet bag , winners choice of print
Bebe Au Lait: Hooded baby towel
Teeny Tiny Hiney: Home made cloth diaper
Halo Sleep Sack: Halo sleep sack
Tiny Love: My Nature Pals Mobile
Yoomi: Self Warming Bottle
My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear: Your choice of animals
Nursing Bra Express: Nursing Bra
episencial: Cheeky Salve
Each sponsor will have their own winner, so there are many chances to win some amazing prizes! It’s easy to enter just fill out the form below. ( Starting January 15th)
Good Luck to all!!


  1. bottle warmer

  2. Anonymous says:

    I could live with out .. botte brush and baby clippers and the warmer for the bottles thank you
    Donna Anthony

  3. Corene h. says:

    I would say diapers and wipes!!

  4. I’d say diaper wipes :)

  5. Heather Carroll says:

    Good cloth diaper stash

  6. tabathamcmilla says:

    Could not live with out the baby wraps

  7. candi noftz says:


  8. anne loverchio says:

    i couldnt live without my baby monitor. it allowed me to do laundry, cook and clean…all while having access to hearing when my baby needed me. what a great device!!
    :) thanks!! :)
    anne l

  9. Patience Sandlin says:


  10. Kristy Schleitwiler says:

    A very good blanket or swaddle was a must with my son!

  11. Sara Swanson says:


  12. Well, I’m a first time mom due in April, but I’m going to go with the support of my hubby!

  13. megan ross says:


  14. With my first, I would have to say my SlingRider baby carrier, (discontinued and recalled), and a motorized swing. With my second, a teething pendant and exerc-saucer, so far. :)

  15. couldn’t live without a breastpump!

  16. I couldn’t live without my carrier. It helped keep baby content so I could get things done around the house.

    Dee Mauser
    Bella Savvy

  17. kasey hinckley says:

    everything specially my mom

  18. DONNA CHEATLE says:

    Music! From day one, my son loved to hear music. It would often soothe him when nothing else would

  19. Debra Welle says:

    A carrier, and DIAPERS!

  20. Chelle Thompson says:

    my Woombie

  21. Amber Thompson says:

    I couldn’t live without my carrier

  22. wipes

  23. I don’t have a baby yet, but I’ll assume diapers of some sort!

  24. caitlin tate says:


  25. mommas bacon says:


  26. Aside from the obvious (diapers, etc)…we loved our boppy and baby wrap!!

  27. I loved my baby wrap for the newborn stage!

  28. Liz Ticona says:

    I couldn’t live without my baby’s bouncy chair, he slept in it , not his crib because he has reflux issues

  29. Liz Ticona says:

    I also couldn’t live without my mom who helped me with my baby boy, she would watch him when i went to work :) and his paci hehe

  30. Jennifer Q. says:

    I could have lived without all the help I got from family and the baby carrier!

  31. Nikki cunningham says:

    I couldnt live without my boppy nursing pillow.

  32. swaddling blankets!

  33. My nursing pillow

  34. kimberly pugliese says:

    i could not have lived without swaddling blankets! my daughter loved them so much!

  35. His bouncy seat. :)

  36. Playtex bottles with the drop-ins!

    mundaneminnie at gmail dot com

  37. Debra Welle says:

    I wouldn’t have been able to survive the first few weeks without my husband!! lol - - really, though - I couldn’t have made it without my breast pump -

  38. Jennifer Roberts says:

    I couldn’t live without a Nursing Bra

  39. Rocking chair was a lifesaver

  40. I loved the Boppy

  41. Anonymous says:
  42. diapers/wipes

    Allison L.

  43. my carrier

  44. I could not live without diapers

  45. Jessica Chan says:

    to be honest .. his infant swing! he napped in it all day and loved it !

  46. Jamie Fontenot says:

    I could not live without my swing! It save my life and my sleep!

  47. Actually don’t have a baby yet but would love to win this for my pastor’s wife who is expecting in June!

  48. MrsPirate says:

    Diapers or a carrier
    Cheyenne P

  49. rocking chair

  50. Couldn’t live w/o my ring sling!

  51. spottedjagiwar says:

    the couch and lots of tv shows while nursing

  52. My carrier and cloth diapers

  53. Victoria Mayweathers says:

    My son baby sootheing swing

  54. My cradle swing, the boppy pillow, and a good breast pump!

  55. Migdalia Daniel says:

    My breast pump, EBF would be nearly impossible without it.

  56. Sleep! Really though, our swing for baby!

  57. Katie Ashley-Bascombe says:

    Our baby carrier

  58. My moby

  59. the fisher price napper

  60. Couldn’t have lived without the vibrating bouncy seat.

  61. Haha, definitely diapers. That would have been miserable.

  62. I haven’t had a baby yet.

  63. With my first, it was my “Brest Friend” nursing pillow. With my second, it was my Ergo.

  64. Swaddle wraps! My son and daughter loved to be swaddled, and I’m sure baby #3 is going to like it as well!

  65. A swing. Thank you for this giveaway. :-D

  66. Tammy Lacer says:

    I couldnt live without the baby swing!!

  67. Marenah Ryan says:

    Boppy pillow and Sophie the Giraffe

  68. Lisa Ehrman says:

    nursing pads, lots of them!

  69. Lisa Ehrman says:

    Lots of little gowns, because my baby threw up alot.

  70. baby swing and sound machine

  71. Laurie Nykaza says:

    My baby swing it had a cradle on it to and then he would sleep

  72. Swaddling Blankets that became his go to for comfort

  73. diapers. wipes and bottles..but with my little man coming any day now i’m sure it will be different….first time cloth diapering, cloth wipes and breast feeding…ekkk

  74. Abbie Unger says:

    My breast pump

  75. Baby swing

  76. Becca Wilson says:

    I couldn’t live without our bassinette. Our little one still hates the crib!

  77. Becca Wilson says:

    I also couldn’t live without a huge stash of diapers and wipes when she was little. As soon as I put one on…it was dirty!

  78. Teresa Thompson says:


  79. Candace Barrow says:

    Diapers and our baby swing :)