Groove Kid Nation CD Review

Groove Kid Nation is an educational children’s music label created by veteran record producer and keyboardist Rodney Lee. The label strives to introduce kids to real musical instruments played by top L.A. musicians. 

Groove Kid Nation has released two CDs:

The Wheels on the Bus recasts classic children’s songs as funky soul foot-stompers. 

Music in Motion continues off of the success of the critically acclaimed first release, The Wheels on the Bus. This time around, Lee and his team of top L.A. musicians recorded an album designed to get children moving to the beat while simultaneously learning about musical concepts and instruments.


I received the opportunity to listen to Groove Kid Nation’s The Wheels on the Bus CD. Groove Kid Nation CDs are a fun groovy way to learn about musical instruments. The Wheels on the Bus CD has 10 songs: Wheels on the Bus, Froggy Went a Courtin’, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Bud the Bird, The Alphabet Song, The Inch Worm, Three Blind Mice, Soul Clap, Walter the Weasel, and If You Like Funky Music. The music isn’t your typical nursery rhyme tone. Groove Kid Nation puts their own twist on the traditional kids songs. The music has a groovy, jazzy tone with use of many different instruments. I enjoyed the groovy tone of The Wheels on the Bus CD. My favorite song on the CD was The Wheels on the Bus. Groove Kid Nation’s music can be enjoyed by all ages. You can dance with your baby and sing along to the music. Older kids will like that it isn’t “baby” music and adults will enjoy the jazzy music. Groove Kid Nation puts a nice groovy twist to the traditional kids songs.

Groove Kid Nation music can be purchased on their website.
Their website offers samples of each song on both the CDs, free mp3 downloads, coloring books, and other goodies.
Groove Kid Nation Website


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  1. Danielle Moore says:

    I would love to use one of these cd’s in my classroom. My students would love them.

  2. this cd sounds wonderful, i love that they use some music i remember when i was in school, but most of all i’m so happy to know that a % of the money goes to a great cause ; ) God Bless you

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