All About Faces! Children’s Book Review

All About Faces! is a children’s book by Lazoo. 
Is there any part of the body that fascinates children as much as the face? A face can frown or cry, show happiness and show anger. In this remarkable new book with simple words and delightful pictures, the face, with its many parts, is explained in terms and concepts young minds can grasp.
I received the opportunity to read All About Faces by Lazoo. I love children’s book so I was excited to read All About Faces. All About Faces is just what the title says it is all about faces. It shows how faces are different, how your face shows how you feel, different parts of the face, what comes from your face and how faces change. It even has two special pages in the middle of the book where you can use crayons to draw on a face. The crayon marks will wipe off with a tissue. All About Faces is a great learning opportunity. You can show your child how everyone is different and looks different. You can teach your child the different parts of the face and how faces change. My favorite part is about how your face shows your feelings. So you can teach your child the different feelings and emotions people experience. So the child will learn how to know what they are feeling and hopefully be more open about their emotions. This book is so much more than just a children’s book! All About Faces is a great teaching tool for parents.

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  1. Maryann D. says:

    I think this book would be great for any young child. I like that it has a part where the children can draw a face. It is important for children to learn how to express emotions and this certainly can help.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. Hi There
    I am joining in the blog hop from over at

    This book sounds wonderful for my little girl who is just starting to show us all kinds of faces. Thanks for your review.
    Best Wishes, Julie

  3. Wonderful book - thanks for including it in the Kid Lit Blog Hop and it’s nice to see a new face in this list. Glad you could join us. When my daughter was little we did a whole board of “faces” like “mad faces”, “happy faces”, “sad faces”, etc. I put them on velcro and encouraged her to use them to help her express the way she was feeling. She used to stomp over to me with the “mad face” in her hand, whip it toward me and say, “I’m mad!”. Ok, I guess she nailed it! lol

  4. Suzanne. . says:

    How interesting. I like how this lets kids get ideas about emotions and differences. I think it can also show kids that despite are differences, we are all alike in many ways. We all have a nose, two eyes, a mouth, a chin, forehead. All this sameness makes the differences between us not so dividing.

    Nice blog. I love the colors. Very inviting.

    SueM Kid Lit Hop co-hostess

  5. What a great post! Thanks for linking up to the Kit Lit Blog Hop!
    I was thrilled to cohost again check out some awesome blogs, like yours :)

  6. Debby Chandler says:

    thanks for a great review!

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